What I Learnt| I’m Judging You by Luvvie Ajayi

I_m Judging You

I like this book! It’s a collection of essays about Life, Culture, Social media and Fame. Luvvie delves into serious topics like rape culture while simultaneously haranguing hashtag abusers #stopmisusinghashtags . I love how she’s able to move from lighter topics to more serious ones and blend the whole thing to make a great book. Did you notice we’re on a first name basis now? That’s how good this book is! I felt a personal attachment to Luvvie and her story.

If you know what’s good for you, get the audiobook. Luvvie successfully judges EVERYONE in this book! If you don’t feel personally dragged in some part of the book (or all of it) then you have a problem, you’re probably lying! I don’t believe you. 

Here are 6 things I learnt from this book:

  1. I’m a terrible friend! I could literally feel Luvvie dragging me across the floor in the chapter “Why Must You Suck at Friendship”. I felt fully attacked! I could identify myself in almost all the examples of bad friends. I need to call my friends more (and not just when I need things from them). There’s a thin line between a joke and just plain salty — we all need to respect that line. You don’t have to say yes to everything, don’t enable nonsense! Be honest with your friends.  
  2. We really need to be more inclusive in terms of gender, religion, sexual orientation, everything! 
  3. Don’t be judgy. I know the book is literally called I’m Judging You. It points out our flaws and the ways that we’re all just crappy people. Which is why we shouldn’t judge people just because they’re not doing the same kind of crap that we do. It’s all crap!
  4. Luvvie is really big on service! She repeated this quote in the book “To whom much is given, much is required” to express the fact that people with more opportunities are expected to give more (or provide more opportunities to others). I don’t know if I explained that properly. Basically, we need to give back to our communities .
  5. You don’t need to broadcast your every move: “real G’s move in silence”. I’ve read this in a couple other books, but I need a constant reminder because I talk too much. You know what happens when you blab? You announce things prematurely. And you get people’s crappy opinions all over your ideas. As my girl Franchesca Ramsey would say, “Let your actions do the talking!”
  6. There’s no situation too light for a list of petty prayers. 

I think Luvvie’s book is relevant in a lot of areas. After reading chapters like “The Privilege Principle”, “Rape Culture Is Real and It Sucks”, “Dumbed-Down News”. I wondered what Luvvie would think of Trump’s era. For some reason, I always think books are ancient when they don’t directly allude to current world issues. Well, Luvvie discussed some of this Trump stuff in the final chapters, in her unique way, and it was perfect. Check out this book if you’re looking for hilarious social commentary.

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