About Me

Hello! My name is Ayọ̀olúwa and I love to read. I especially enjoy African Literature.

To me, African Literature includes novels, short stories, plays and poems that express African stories or are written by people of African lineage—this definition might be different for someone else.

Aside from African Literature, I enjoy sociological non-fiction, celebrity memoirs, diverse romance novels, and books that have movies.

I created this blog to emphasize that Africa is not a monolith. I hope to introduce readers to amazing authors and stories from the continent, and in the process build a community of people who love reading as much as I do.

The reviews and comments on The Lit African are intended to be light and casual, to ensure that the content is accessible. So, in the spirit of keeping things casual, here are 5 fun facts about me:

  1. My favourite ice cream flavour is Baskin Robbins’ Rainbow Sherbet. I’ve loved it since I was 3 years old #committed.
  2. I would love to travel around Europe in the future.
  3. I am a terrible dancer and singer so I avoid doing both in public, but any song by Aṣa or Beyoncé (and Adekunle Gold more recently) will get me on the dance floor, belting out lyrics in a heartbeat.
  4. I once zip lined across Niagara Falls. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be.
  5. I have 3 siblings and more cousins than I can count. They are very annoying, and I love them fiercely.

Now that you know me, tell me about you. Leave a comment, let’s get the conversation going! What is your favourite book of all time?

9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello, thanks for following my blog – now I’m following yours! I’m very interested in African fiction and non-fiction. My husband spend some of his childhood in Nigeria, Kenya and Zimbabwe (his father was a UN zoologist). I’m up to my second Sudan book and I think Chad is next. I must look at your recommendations. 🙂 Catherine

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  2. I would like to adopt these stories for my African Literature class at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. Since you were able to reproduce them here, could I also do the same for my class? The stories would be restricted to classroom use only. If I will need permission for each story individually I would appreciate knowing that also. Thanks – I really enjoyed this selection.


    1. Hi Alpana, which stories are you interested in? I think you commented on the wrong post. Anyways, I’m not sure about the copyright or restrictions around the use of each of the stories. If you’re interested in one of my posts about African short stories, those stories are freely available on the internet, so it should be fine to use them in your class as long as you site them (though you would have to click on the link to each story and check with the publisher just to be sure). I hope this helps!


      1. Yes, I was interested in teaching the five stories you posted under “5 African Short Stories to Read Online,” Feb. 25 2019. I could use your link to access the stories, but I don;t want to infringe on copyright. It would only be for class, though.


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